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Irish Fragrances

Another gorgeous Irish gift idea - Irish fragrances - perfumes, eau de toilettes, gift sets and body care from Fragrances of Ireland.
If you're looking for a thoughtful Irish present, take a look at this exciting range of men's and women's fragrances.
In this collection we have wonderful scents for you to choose from. The famous Inis fragrance, Energy of the Sea is a fresh energising cologne, and is suitable for men and women. Inis Arose, Inis Or, Inis Moonlight and Innisfree are here too. Garden of Ireland includes Sweet Lavender and some lovely solid perfumes. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, is the inspiration for a men's cologne, a fresh and daring scent - an ideal gift for him.

New arrivals in Irish Fragrances

Best selling Irish Fragrances

Inis Energy of the Sea Cologne Spray

  • Price £ 21.50
  • Price £ 17.92

Innisfree Eau de Parfum Spray

  • Price £ 25.99
  • Price £ 21.66

Patrick Cologne (100ml)

  • Price £ 20.50
  • Price £ 17.08

Inis Body Lotion 200ml

  • Price £ 11.99
  • Price £ 9.99

Connemara Eau de Toilette Spray - 50ml

  • Price £ 22.99
  • Price £ 19.16

Inis Or (50ml)

  • Price £ 25.99
  • Price £ 21.66

Inis (15ml) Cologne Spray - Handbag Size

  • Price £ 12.98
  • Price £ 10.82

Innisfree Eau de Parfum Spray 15ml

  • Price £ 12.00
  • Price £ 10.00