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Banshee Irish Jewellery

We're excited about our new discovery - Una O'Boyle, the designer of this gorgeous Banshee jewellery. She now hails from Belfast, but, coincidently, her family originate from the same village in South West Donegal where the McNelis family live and work (the McNelis' are the family friends of ours who create our wonderful Donegal Knitwear). It was on the numerous family holidays, back in that valley in Donegal, that Una visited the many cairns, dolmens and ancient tombs that litter the landscape and she has taken inspiration from them to create this magical Irish jewellery.

Inspired by ancient Irish tradition but with a contemporary take, each piece is individually handmade creating unique and timeless pieces.

Banshee Silver Celtic Swirl Pendant

  • Price £ 29.99
  • Price £ 24.99

Banshee Silver Entwined Lovers Pendant

  • Price £ 39.98
  • Price £ 33.32

Banshee Silver Ancient Boat Pendant

  • Price £ 42.00
  • Price £ 35.00

Banshee Silver Ancient Boat Earrings

  • Price £ 28.99
  • Price £ 24.16